Dark Nebulae Online Alpha Update and Trailer

I've got a few cool features to introduce, this video briefly shows most of them. 

New Features: 

  1.  New more streamlined login screen with animated nebula, ambient scare space sounds and backlighting for the logo. This doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things but I think it is an improvement.
  2. The hivemind creature now has a much more complex AI which creates and directs many minions over the network (currently 35).
  3. The start of an personal AI assistant to the ship who can give verbal updates and appears on a the viewscreen as a hologram. 
  4. A new "physical ui" system where the UI elements are physics objects which can be impacted by events outside the ship. 

This update was challenging as I've had to write and rewrite the games core systems to shake out some pernicious bugs. 


dark-nebulae-online-win-alpha.zip 285 MB
Version 14 Apr 17, 2018
darknebula.zip 231 MB
Version 13 Apr 17, 2018
dark-nebulae-online-linux-alpha.zip 335 MB
Version 14 Apr 17, 2018

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