Dark Nebulae 1.2 Update

Alpha 1.2 is now released for Dark Nebulae Online. It contains new ship, weapon and station art. A map redesign with new bases, some performance optimizations and new login screen. There is also a sneak peek of a deadly cosmic horror that has been lurking in the nebula. Please try out the game and let me know what you think. 


  • Only projectiles you personally fire have lighting effects, this could cause performance issues on some computers when many bullets were fired.
  • All projectiles are shaded to match their faction color. 
  • As per request, new weapons are being designed. New art for bombs and missiles of various types have been added, but the weapons are not accessible yet.


  •  There is now a physical boundary to keep players from drifting too far out. 
  • The bases were redesigned using larger settings for the tilemaps, this should improve both performance and wall collisions
  • A large new base was designed and is at the bottom of the map.  It is intended for a boss fight later.
  • The base at the top is no longer populated with bots and will be phased out. 
  • Some new station and floor art has been integrated.


  • Zarkavan faction now has unique ship art and a mothership, they spawn at the bottom base. 
  • All factions have new ship art for future new ship classes. This is not yet accessible.
  • New explosions! Now they use particle effects instead of an animated sprite. 

This update breaks compatability with the last version, so a client update will be required. I do check the client version upon server login so if you get an error, just download the latest client. If you subscribe to the game via itch.io it can auto-update new clients in the future. 

Whats cooking:

  • New weapons types
  • New ship classes
  • Mobile motherships
  • New AI enemies and a co-op boss
  • Capture-able stations
  • Resource collection
  • Events


darknebula_1.2.zip 231 MB
Version 5 Mar 10, 2018
dark-nebulae-online-linux-alpha.zip 335 MB
Version 5 Mar 10, 2018
dark-nebulae-online-win-alpha.zip 285 MB
Version 5 Mar 10, 2018

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